The War In Ukraine – Voices From The Front Lines Part 2 (Russian – Translated Version)

No One Believed It Could Happen.

A Full Scale, Russian Military Invasion Of Another Country?

In 2022?

But Here We Are. The Sovereign Nation of The Ukraine Is Under Assault By Russian Military Forces.

We Know The Ukrainian Armed Forces Are Doing Their Level Best To Repel The Onslaught.

Soldiers Are Dying In Battle On A Daily Basis.

It Turns Out That One Of Us Here At J3 Was Actually Born and Went to School in Ukraine, And Still Maintains Strong Ties To The Country.

It So Happens That He Made Contact With A Childhood Friend, Who Also Happens To Be An ACTIVE Member Of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense!

Here Is Our EXCLUSIVE PART II  Interview Directly From The Ukrainian Front Line…

This Episode Will Also Conducted Exclusively In Russian For The Benefit Of Our Russian-Speaking Listeners. Stay Tuned!

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