In 2020 after the Death of George Floyd the WORLD came together in Protest and Calls for Police Accountability. “DEFUND THE POLICE” was the battle cry of many of these Protest Groups. Fast Forward to 2022. Covid and its many Variants have Placed the Nation and the World in a Stranglehold.  Economies have Suffered,  Employment has Fluctuated and some feel as a result,  CRIME HAS RISEN. And with it A NEW Battle Cry has Emerged: REFUND THE POLICE! Is this a NECCESSARY ACTION? Or is it a Hyperbolic, Well CALCULATED RESPONSE Designed to Overturn the “DEFUND” Movement? YOU DECIDE. Join the Guys as they Open 2022 with a HOT and TIMELY DISCUSSION. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ J3 Would like to THANK All of YOU for YOUR SUPPORT During the 2021 Year. It hasn’t been EASY for ANYONE but THROUGHOUT We @ J3 have Counted on YOU and YOU have Delivered! We look FORWARD to CONTINUING to Bring You VALUABLE CONTENT.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HEY! Visit Us On YouTube @ j3isunscripted Visit our Blog Site @ AND Our Website @ And Don’t Forget YouTube @ j3isunscripted

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